Meet BingoMeet Bingo
"Under the tent"
Someone Stoner Rambles
"Course correction strategies"
Someone advocates for doing it in Rails
"Servant Leadership"
"Move the Needle"
Uses the term "Game Changer"
"Lean into it"
"Enterprise Class"
"Need to double-click on that"
"Single Pane of Glass"
Starts 5 minutes late
Someone coughs and inadvertently gets the entire office sick
"Find our North Star"
Synergy is mentioned
"The proposed research, planning, and execution cycle"
"Prioritized scope"
Machine Learning is mentioned
Meet doesn't work
"Strategic Alliance"
"Didn't we have this discussion last week?"
"Close the Loop"
The conference room is booked
"Tighten the funnel"
Blockchain is Mentioned